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April 11, 2013
Jeff Kubina

Jeff Kubina


»         Float, rather than swim, through trying emotional times
»         Use softness, not rigidity
»         Untangle yourself from the webs of peril in life

In fast water, it is safest to lean back, point feet downstream, and go with the flow. So often, we struggle against what life brings us. We claim it should be different and try to force an outcome or a situation. Perhaps we have decided earlier on a particular course of action and are unable to change plans ‘midstream.’ Flowing brings more peace and joy into life.

Sometimes, we make assumptions and take a position before hearing the other person’s side. If we are invested in our decision, we will be unable to make adjustments, which can cause great pain and misunderstanding. Instead, consider remaining open to hear the other’s point of view and modify your stance based on a two-sided approach that encourages connection and intimacy.

Finally, consider flowing away from those relationships and situations that cause considerable pain or problems. We don’t need to engage with those that add complication and frustration to our lives. We can strengthen our associations with healthy, sustaining circumstances and encourage others to do the same.

Have you noticed a difference when you let life flow?


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  1. I’m a lot more laid back these days than I was when younger. For a long time, I let myself get bogged down by work and little things that really don’t matter. I’m glad I broke out of that pattern. 🙂

  2. In the Berkshires permalink

    Ditto, C.B.. Old age has granted peace of mind.

  3. Wayne Stratz permalink

    Quick assumptions are a fine way to block wisdom. We spoke of these critters in my class this week… A fine example of keeping shape with a solid skeleton. Stratoz goes AtoZ

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