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April 10, 2013

glossy-ibis w cMessages:

»         Understand ancient wisdom
»         Act from wisdom
»         Seek enlightenment

Some of us trace our ancestors back many generations, while others know names of only a few ‘greats.’ Regardless, we all come from a long line of people with fears and hopes, dreams and wisdom learned over their lifetimes.

Their ideas and beliefs were passed down to us, through written or oral histories, based on situations current with their lives. Over time, it is sometimes difficult to separate truth from mistaken translations. For example, ‘ring around the rosie’ has been attributed to and then disputed as related to the Black Plague. Yet many inventions and discoveries from ancient times are still in use (consider our understanding of mathematics).

We can access their wisdom by following traditions and giving space in our life and mind to their stories. We can reach farther back and listen to the wisdom of the earth and her creatures. When we become connected with all living beings, we see the commonalities and open ourselves to learning and experiencing joy.

What ancient belief supports your daily living?


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  1. Lovely post! Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks, Jolie!

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