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April 9, 2013
16 Copenhagen Frederiksberg Havn 005Messages:
»        Set boundaries
»         Balance multiple tasks
»         Explore
»         Develop self-reliance
»         Maintain dignity

Our world is complex, with demands coming at us from all directions. We flourish when we establish the best balance between responding to them and caring for ourselves. Sometimes, we thrive with an influx of information, interactions, and noise. Other times, we want to be introspective, sit with our inner quiet stillness, and rejuvenate. Each of us differs in the interaction-introspection balance and our needs may even change from day to day.

 As difficult it is to find our own balance, doing this dance with others is even more challenging. We learn the signals when we have overstepped in one direction or another – too much time together or apart – and try to find mutually agreeable boundaries. Which, again, change regularly as our needs change.

 A brief morning meditation time provides an opportunity to check in, connect with our inner self, touch the stillness, and prepare for a day of interactions. Caring for ourselves first can provide patience and generosity with others later.

Do you set aside regular time for your self, take it when nothing else is happening, or grab it when you realize you desperately need it? Or all of the above?!


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  1. Every day I make it a point to have a little time to myself. We can’t give 100% ourselves 100% of the time without cracking. Fifteen minutes is enough to gather my thoughts and find my center, though I usually take at least an hour of me time. 🙂

  2. I am very bad at taking proper me time. When I find I have the time I tend to fill it up with tasks. Must try harder. 🙂

  3. Balance is everything, I make sure I have Betty time! Great post!

  4. Deb Mc. permalink

    Balancing multiple tasks…always tricky, it’s so easy to get distracted.

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