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April 6, 2013


»         Sing songs that celebrate the most
ancient watery beginnings
»         Transform

How we long for those peeps from the wetlands that herald the first signs of spring! They remind us that the seasons cycle and all things transform. We move from winter to spring, young to old, and serious to silly.

Amphibians have a comical sense about them. Their ever-smiling lips, googly eyes, and springy hop suggest a happy view. And their incessant calling exemplifies optimism. No matter how many rejections, there they are again, wishin’ and hopin’ or is it hoppin’?

Recently, I visited a former neighbor celebrating her 94th birthday. She said, “My niece always comes here with gloom all over her. I told her to leave it outside the door. I told her not to come if she couldn’t do that.” She paused. “She hasn’t been back since!” We laughed and I admired her strength in choosing happiness, even at the expense of losing a visitor.

Mr. Bullfrog says, “Time is fun when you’re having flies.” What gives you a good time?

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One Comment
  1. elaaw permalink

    This entry is full of fun, and truth too! Lots of froggy smiles evoked, from beginning to the end, from serious to silly – a lot of peeping in three short paragraphs! My favorite Beth A to Z 2013, so far! PS: I’m rooting for your friend’s niece to open her windows to spring and be convinced by the peepers that, in the end, all is well, and then go back to visiting with a smile.

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