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April 5, 2013


»         Illuminate your Spirit
»         See hidden spiritual truths
»         Rise above the material to find the spiritual

We make choices every day, many of them. One is to decide whether to get caught in the downward spiral of small annoyances or to rise above it.

Many of us, over time, develop methods to keep a spiritual connection, regardless of the challenges to that link. It might be through quiet meditation, efforts to be continually present, time spent in nature, or another means.

When we are living from the spiritual, we transform challenges into lessons, we see messages in the mundane, and we live life to its fullest, appreciating and honoring all we encounter. When we radiate love and acceptance, we help others reconnect to what is truly important.

How do you connect to the spiritual?


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  1. Hi Beth – Enjoying these. I wonder if we will choose the same animal for one post?!

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