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April 2, 2013

bat at flower with cMessage:

»         Pollinate new ideas

When we were young, we learned new things every day: that letters turned into words, the world had many countries, numbers had meaning, people had feelings, and limbs could break.

As we got older, sometimes we thought we’d learned all these was to know, or at least all we needed to know. But this is never true, and one of the best ways to learn new concepts is through each other.

Recently, I’ve encountered these new ideas:

»         At Melville House, they are publishing select books with accompanying electronic “Illuminations,” supplemental material that complements and enhances the book content

»         Lucy and Jorge Orta are producing stunning photographic posters of Amazon life, each linked to a specific meter-square plot of the tropical forest. Poster holders obtain a certificate of moral ownership, committing them to protect that poster/plot in perpetuity and arrange for its inheritance by another willing conservator when they pass on

What new ideas have you discovered lately?

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  2. francenestanley permalink

    I’ve learned that although the sun shines in the garden, the wind is cold in April. I’ve learned to wear gloves when I walk up the hill. I’ve learned to treasure my husband’s care.

  3. I have learned that the best way to deal with my two year old when she is railing against me at ‘getting ready for bedtime’ is to distract her with stories of what we are going to do in the summer and what I did when I was a little girl.

    • Great idea! I used to make up stories about our pet cat. I even made small books with the stories, and photos of the cat!

  4. How so true, Beth, that we never stop learning, as long we are willing. My role model is my late mum, she stop going to her craft classes only on the last year before she passed on, that because it was too tiring for her to sit up longer than a few minutes at a time. Otherwise her teacher would had came and picked her up, and took her to the class herself. Her teacher said, mum gave inspiration to others, about learning and having an interest. And mum was in her 80s.

  5. Wayne Stratz permalink

    I have learned that bats are having a really hard time of it. My hope is that they can emerge from the disease that is killing so many. Stratoz goes AtoZ

    • That’s true; researchers are working hard to figure out what’s causing the fungus and how to stop it. We need bats!

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