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April 30, 2012

Life is enthusiasm, zest.

~Sir Laurence Olivier

What gets you up in the morning?

An odd question during a job interview, I thought. Actually, I was stumped. I had never questioned my interest in rising and shining. I would wake with enthusiasm for the opportunity to work on whatever was on my current day’s agenda.

The following morning, I asked myself the question and it nearly paralyzed me. I couldn’t find my vim, my excitement, my reason for rising. I returned to bed after feeding the noisy cats. Were any of the things on my list all that important to myself or humankind? It was eye-opening.

In due course, I reconnected with my sense of purpose here, relocated my enthusiasm, started to say “yes” again to opportunities that presented themselves. I regained my thirst for knowledge, connection, and understanding. It was just a small blip in my energizer bunny way but it provided insight into other people’s inner workings.

So, I live with zest and vibrancy (“Is your mother still living?” asked my daughter’s college application. “Yes, vibrantly,” she wrote). I thrive on the excitement of seeing what does come around the corner and I embrace it with enthusiasm. For if we already knew the ending of the story, why would we want to read it?

And Zero more days of official A to Z blogging! Congratulations to all who participated and thanks to the friends I’ve made along the way. Don’t forget that I’ll be posting SH and TH — stay tuned!

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  1. Well done! You’ve delivered the alphabet with zest and vigour. Good to have found your blog through the challenge. xxx

  2. Vim and verve are great words. Vibrancy! That’s your word. So inspired by you and this post. That fiinal sentence is so wonderful. Words to live by.
    Go. Create. Inspire!

    Play off the Page

  3. Excellent post for Z-day.

  4. Thanks for sticking it out on the A to Z Challenge. Enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more. Have a great day!

  5. These days, as I get older, I’m simply grateful that I HAVE woken up!
    Congrats on completing the challenge, and many thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Zest is a good ‘un. I hadn’t thought of that as a fruit but you’re spot on. The zest keeps the juice contained and full of flavour. May the rest of your days be juicy.

  7. I too almost did a zest post. You did the word and subject justice. Congratulations on the A to Z challenge. Good to have met you along the way.

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