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April 28, 2012

A happy life is one spent in learning, earning, and yearning.

~Lillian Gish

Sometimes, when I see a beautiful flower, or smell the ocean, or gaze at the stars, I am filled with such yearning, an ache, for something I can’t define. It wells up from within, it permeates me, it may bring tears to my eyes, and I sense the only thing to do is be with it.

 I am aware of every cell of my body, the spaces between, my connection with everything and everyone, the one-ness of it all. My insignificant role concurrent with my crucial part of the picture.

 It’s an intense feeling, where colors are strident, as they are when the sun returns after a rain.  Where sounds are in harmony. Where we all belong. Perhaps the yearning is for retaining this moment, this feeling, this bittersweet pleasure.

From → A to Z Blog

  1. THAT is beautiful. Well done. 🙂

  2. You wish you could savour the moment forever! Tell me about it. What a lovely post Beth! 🙂
    Visiting from az blog challenge!

  3. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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