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April 26, 2012

Where there’s a Will, there’s a Ray

My two kitties, Willie and Ray, escorted me into the kitchen for breakfast. Later that morning, they were both in the living room, relaxing after their pleasant snack. Looking at them, I thought: where there is a Will, there is a Ray.

It sounded clever, a take on the old adage. But I liked the slight modification, the ray, of hope, of sunshine, of clarity. When I know what I want, when I sit and allow that to come through me, then I become inspired, cheered on, and challenged to move in that direction. Obstacles become smaller or opportunities instead of barriers.

I also liked the switch away from the uncertainty that “if” provides. Today, “if” might not happen. Or it may never happen. It’s conditional. “Where” is a more definitive and proactive word. I feel that I can make it happen, instead of just hoping for the sheer luck of “if” finding me.

“Where” is logical. I can say the sentence even in an unclear mood and see its sense. And become moved and motivated by it.

Yes, where there’s a Will, there’s a Ray.

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  1. what an inspiring post. I totally agree with you, What will I do toady?

  2. It is a possitive and powerful phrase. No ifs, just IS!

    PS: I also write with chocolate.

    Play off the Page

  3. Cute. Your kittens inspire you every time you look at them.

  4. Great post – I love your play on the words.

  5. Great phrase! I’m sure it will roll around in my brain all day. Thanks!

  6. Awe, the cats are adorable. I like the phrase that you used.

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