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April 25, 2012

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

I hope some day you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.

~John Lennon

 I have a vision of the world: where we all live in peace and harmony; where we treat all, including the Earth, with loving kindness; where each being has value and respect; where resources – money, oil, food, land – are shared and not hoarded; where collaboration and cooperation are the tools of interbeing.

I believe that: each act we perform that does not honor our oneness leads us away from that vision; each step away provides an opportunity to rationalize further divisiveness. We can justify cutting someone off on the highway, cheating a merchant, beating wives when football teams lose, performing atrocities in Iraqi prisons, killing others to show that killing people is wrong. We are not perfect, we all move away from the vision…often…regularly…and hopefully return again and again towards it.

What if we played Scrabble to get the highest board total instead of outscoring each other? What if each of us used our wit and intelligence to make the very best word that would also provide the best opportunity for others to make their best word?


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  1. I like YOUR scrabble. x

  2. This is lovely. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone supported each other? On that subject, Edith Parzefall and I supported each other to write four post-apocaliptic novels together. The first, Wind Over Troubled Waters was released by Doulbe Dragon today. Check it out on Amazon.

  3. When I read the line about the scrabble, I read instead of “outsourcing”! You wrote outscoring..interesting that my mind went there.
    Lovely post, I love the spirit of your writing.

  4. I think you just invented a new game. You could try pitching this and see if a company would pick it up.

  5. Great post – and a wonderful vision. Sadly, selfishness still prevails in so many areas of today’s world.

  6. Love it. My mom’s favorite game. I usually go for the coolest word and forget about the points.

  7. If more people thought of others before themselves, the world would be so much better. I once played a game of scrabble with some friends and we used every single letter (except maybe one or two). It was way fun! Thanks for sharing.

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