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April 19, 2012

A still, small voice was heard.

 When I was a child, I’d sit on the floor in a sun-lit patch on the screened back porch and play. I remember the warmth of the rays, a leafy view out the window, but most of all the quiet. Occasionally, a breeze would drift through and I could hear the air pulsing in my ears.

Now, I have to intentionally find that stillness, a place where I can listen to nature, feel my heart, sense my aliveness. Sometimes, at night, when appliances are off and windows are closed, it is so quiet I feel transported back to that innocent time. A time when I didn’t realize how precious quiet was or how seldom I would find it and how purposeful I’d have to be to notice it.

With practice, I am finding stillness in snatches. Between bites of my cereal, yanks on the weeds, steps on the pavement, I take a refreshing moment to just be. When I return, the ensuing cacophony sounds more in tune and less jarring.

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  1. conspiracyqueen permalink

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to give some support. The A to Z Challenge is getting to new blogs along with keeping up with the ones I already follow.


  2. Its an art. Finding that quiet stillness can be found, even in the most confusing settings.

  3. I live on my own so sometimes I have too much quietness!

  4. Oh, I feel the innocent joy of that child and the adult that lives around her now. You have it in you to hold that precious quiet. I was going to post on quiet and could not get over my quadary to do so.

    Thank-you for the post to an important word, concept, practice.


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