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April 18, 2012

You and I were complete when we came here – that is, at the moment of our birth. We were born in a state of utter perfection.

~Neale Donald Walsch

 Like many of us, I have spent many years trying to “fix” myself. I wanted to be more loving, more understanding, more open, more…well, many things. Recently, two interactions helped me understand that things are perfect the way they are.

In one situation, I’ve reconnected with a friend who knew me in high school. After reading some of my writings, he noted that he recognized certain (redeeming) qualities from my youth. All this time I’d been trying to become more caring and he had seen it in me back then.

Another friend, dealing with several losses, is fighting her reaction of sadness, grief, and anger. Because she insists of showing a positive image to the rest of the world, her repressed feelings come out in her dreams. Just as small children will exhibit negative behavior to get some attention, our unacknowledged self expresses itself, sometimes in less-than-appealing way.

I hope we can realize that what we have is perfect. We can open our hearts to it, accept it, and honor it. Once it is heard, it might be less noisy.

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  1. conspiracyqueen permalink

    This is beautiful. And thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. Love the thought that we’re perfect the way we are. Maybe we started off that way. However, some of us have picked up bad habits along the way–like my husband. Every day, I try to brush these aside and see the inner man. It’s my cross. I’ll bear it. 😉

  3. elaaw permalink

    Your thoughtful message and picture has given me a new insight. The effort to fix ourselves, as you mentioned, is I think simply our way of trying to heal life’s bumps and bruises, of lifting the shroud and clearing the haze covering up our true inner selves, enabling our original perfection to shine through again. I believe it has always been there, Beth.

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