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Halfway through April’s A to Z Blog Challenge

April 15, 2012

Now in its third year, April’s A to Z Blog Challenge ( encourages posts every day of the month, excluding Sundays, thematically from A to Z. Almost two thousand bloggers have taken up the gauntlet. With names such as The Lumberjacks Wife, PinkRachael, and I Heart Red Shoes, the range of topics and themes appears endless.

Take, for example, Stitching Words by Francene Stanley. She pairs words, such as melancholy and melon or jealousy and jackfruit, to make unusual comparisons. Val Fox writes with a Native American’s perspective from southern Alberta. Bibsey’s Mama is an expat (UK) living in Spain and raising a two-year old. Each shares a bit of personal perspective on life in a daily post.

April 15th is best known as income tax day here in the US (although we have a reprieve because it’s Sunday this year), but in the A to Z Blog Challenge, it’s the halfway point (and also a day off because it’s Sunday). The list of bloggers has declined over the first two weeks by at least a few hundred and who knows how many will survive until the end.

So, a first time participant, how has it been? I heard about the challenge only the day before it began, which didn’t give me much time to decide what to do—or worry about it. Accept I did and created a new blog for the occasion. It was relatively easy for me to choose a theme—Attributes of a Good Life— as I already had written several short essays that might fit into that topic. Arranging them within the alphabet was more of a challenge, in addition to the fact that I had to post A on April 1 and my existing material fit in later alphabetically. There’s a bit of a stressful aspect to the challenge, but I have enjoyed searching for quotes and photos to augment my thoughts.

Probably the most interest aspect is the response from other bloggers who visit my site. A to Z organizers encourage participants to visit at least other five blogs on the participant list. My first few efforts to do that were unsatisfying (no, I really didn’t want to enter a site that required me to be at least 14 years old), but eventually I’ve found a group of curious, thoughtful, and funny bloggers to read. Their global perspectives, coming from different countries and backgrounds, are juxtaposed with common themes of love and food and everyday life.

Come check us out and add your comments. It will keep us going to the end of the month.

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  1. elaaw permalink

    A thoughtful, inside view from a dedicated blogger whose A-to-M entries (so far!) I’ve been enjoying since April Fools’ Day. I say dedicated because, hey, this is supposed to be your day off! It’s been interesting to read the daily, patchwork offerings (yours and those of other bloggers I’ve visited after seeing their comments) and piece together a theme from a personal perspective. So, you need to keep the entries coming (N, O, P, Q — can’t wait for that one…) because I’ve got 13 spaces on your “quilt” waiting to be stitched in! Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the referance, Beth.

    I must admit, I wrote all my entries for each letter-day ahead of April. That left me with plenty of time to visit other sites. I should have done so by the end of the month. I leave comments on nearly every site. (Hey, I don’t have a real life!)
    Some sites give warning. I avoid those. Some talk about a particulat video or film. Nothing much I can say there. Some very religious bloggers leave no opportunity for comment. A couple of weeks ago, I left thoughtful, congratualtory messages for them, but the bloggers never respond with a visit. I guess they don’t want input. Then, there are the ones who drop out. I quickly leave without commenting to get onto those of us who are serious. Well done to everyone who continues.

    Blog on!

  3. Hi Beth, I have been meaning to come back and comment on this post for few days… but oh my goodness the A-Z challenge keeps you busy right? Thanks for the mention also.

    I found the list of nearly 2000 almost too daunting to explore. I found it a bit easier to search via #atozchallenge on twitter and also I already knew a handful of bloggers who were on the challenge. In fact that is how I heard about it, and like you I only heard about it that first Sunday. I jumped in with both feet and then couldn’t sleep that night for wondering how I was ever going to manage to complete A-Z in such a busy month (well, relatively busy, for me).

    I’m doing it though! Surprised myself. And it has been good to me you and others along the way.


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