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April 13, 2012

Love is not a thing, it is not lost when given.

You can offer your love completely to hundreds of people

and still retain the same love you had originally.

~Leo Buscaglia

We were all born – naked and cold – into the world. Throughout our lifetimes, we gather the necessities to cover us and keep us warm. An essential part of this desired warmth is a result of the relationships of love and friendship we develop over the years.

Envision these relationships as pieces in a patchwork quilt that invisibly covers us throughout our lives. Casual acquaintances constitute small squares on the border of our quilt. As we get closer to the portion of the quilt that covers us, the relationships – and the associated warmth – are stronger. The size of the patches becomes larger also to reflect the relative importance of each relationship.

At the center of our quilt, over our bodies, lies the most important section of the quilt. A core area covers our intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and sexual self. Our self-confidence, self-respect, self-worth, and self-sustainability all depend on our ability to nurture each of these parts of ourselves. If we are lucky or wise, we have one significant relationship that touches us closely at all four of these important centers. If not, we gather around us a number of friends and relationships that support the different parts of our core area.

Think about who’s in your quilt and remember to be grateful for them today.

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  1. Love the comparison of our needs for love and relationship to pieces of a quilt. They do offer warmth and comfort, and yes the core is our true self that we need to protect and nurture. Beautiful.

    Play off the Page

  2. The comparison of life’s necessities and a patchwork quilt ring true for me. Some parts are stronger than other, but each weaves together to make a beautiful pattern and strong memories. Blog on!

  3. What a beautiful post. I love the symbolism

  4. Ooo this post made me think. it is a good comparison. Thanks for posting.

  5. elaaw permalink

    Like others who commented, I was struck by the thoughtful symbolism you created. It illustrates simply, and even inspires further insight into, the complexity of love and its importance in or lives. The warmth and comfort of an embrace, the nurturing legacy passed from our grandmothers, the detailed stitching like cursive notes done with affection, the “crazy” kind that swoops us up at random — the quilt as symbol brings to mind many patterns (patches?) of love within our lives.

    • Certainly quilts evoke images of grandmothers and their beautiful penmanship…that type of writing is lost now….

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