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April 12, 2012

The function of knowledge is to transcend earthly experience, not to wallow in it.

~Susan Hubbard

Knowledge can be based on information and data. Or it can be gained from quiet listening to hear universal truths.

One lesson gained from the stillness is explored in the parallels below.

Water cycle

Water vapor condenses into a molecule in the clouds, and then joins other molecules until it is to heavy and falls to the earth. Its course on land varies; it may join a stream or soak into the earth or land directly in the ocean or be consumed by living beings. But whatever its path, be it a few days or 20,000 years, it eventually returns to the atmosphere to start all over again.

 Human cycle

Male and female reproductive cells join in the womb until the developing baby is large enough to be born. Each individual’s path is different; some are healthy or challenged or wise, while others are kind or generous or silly. Lives can last just hours to a hundred years but, ultimately, they end, sending the spirit back to the universe to start all over again.

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  1. It is remarkable the similarities in our writing. I used Joy and Know/knowledge. And, in a past post, I wrote about the water molecules (a year or so ago).
    Go. Create. Inspire!
    Play off the Page

  2. Very interesting comparison or is it contrast…whatever it’s all a living cycle. WTG Thanks for the mind words

  3. That is a good comparison. It made me think. Thanks for sharing.

  4. elaaw permalink

    Beautiful imagery — thank you, Beth.

  5. I love these two examples. Both aboslutely correct. The wonder of nature astounds me sometimes. I guess, I long to think that each spirit residing in a body returns to a place we call heaven where it can consider a further journey to earth.

  6. Lovely post. I am really enjoying your A-Z path.

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