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April 9, 2012

Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.

~William Shakespeare

Why do we appreciate our health only when it’s missing? Being vibrant and alive is such a pleasure that it is surprising that we aren’t always happy when we are healthy. I’d like to share some thoughts about our bodies, which are a key element of our health.

One: We are what we eat. Our bodies are under constant repair and construction. We know that what we eat, drink, and breath is incorporated into our cells, tissues, and organs. It is obvious that high quality input will result in a well-functioning body. We should contemplate our input. Likewise, we should contemplate our output into the world, because it ultimately becomes our input.

Two: The boundaries of our body are not definite. When we inhale, we bring air into our lungs; when we exhale, that which was inside us is purged outside. Does our body begin at our lungs, where oxygen is drawn into our body? Or does it include air as it’s drawn into our nostrils? As we exhale, is that part of us that dissipates in the air surrounding our bodies? Do our bodies’ boundaries change with each breath? Similarly, when does the food we eat become part of us? When it’s incorporated into our cells? When it enters our mouth? As it sits on our plates, ready to be consumed?

Three: We are not ourselves. Our cells get old and are replaced. Daily, weekly, monthly. One hour from now, we are not quite the same physical body that we once were.


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