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April 1, 2012

When eating bamboo sprouts, remember the man who planted them.

~Chinese Proverb

 Last night, I started water boiling for my frozen ravioli, cut open the package of pasta, and found a plastic bag to enclose what would remain after I cooked a portion for my dinner. A short time later, I found myself twisting the tie on the package and putting it back into the freezer. Only then did I notice that the pot of water had no ravioli.

Sometimes, it takes a jolt to return awareness to our lives. Mine above was harmless but other cases are less so: an accident that damages property or takes away life; missteps that break bones; or words that impact relationships.

My empty pot led me to stop, take a deep breath, chuckle, and plant my feet firmly on the kitchen floor. Once I was present, I was able to eat my meal, which eventually did make it into the boiling water, with appreciation.

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One Comment
  1. Great truth our carelessness can have far reaching implications
    nice to meet you on the A to Z
    came back to A to find out what your big day was
    hope to read about it on the 30th

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