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Quit activities and habits that harm you.
Take stock of when you sense the downward pull:

Being with people who draw too much and give too little.
Reading or watching media that focuses on negativity.
Ingesting that leads to logy-ness, confusion, or ambiguity.

Protect yourself from harm;
You deserve it.


Preserve Habitat

Preserve important natural areas. Some plants and animals very specific in their needs and their homes are important to save. Certain government and environmental groups work toward this goal and could benefit from your support. This could be sharing money or time or spreading the word among family and friends.

In your own yard or town, there are small steps you can take to increase habitat for plants and animals. Perhaps it means using non-chemical ways to grow lawns, or replacing large lawns with nature landscaping. We do well to remember that others living beings have rights and needs also.


Observe carefully, take time to actually see what’s around you. In this era of global information, we have many ways to Learn about other’s life styles and beliefs. We can read about other cultures, watch videos, and exchange comments with strangers.

Make an opportunity to observe something new to you. Perhaps attend a different type religious or spiritual event with a friend. Eat some ethnic food that you’ve never tried. Open your mind to something new and different. In doing so, you will also find the similarities and see how interconnected we really are.


Nourish your loved ones’ interests.
Ask questions, show concern.
Cherish their hobbies, causes, studies.
Feed their bodies and souls, their brains and hearts.



Take those few minutes to sit quietly.
In solitude.
Your thoughts will rush around, organizing, planning, remembering, arguing, telling.
Give them the space to float away.

Center yourself deep inside your body.
Let those thoughts pop like bubbles.
Until there is quiet and peace.
Just for a minute. Or as long as you have.


PHone home.
Often. Keep in touch with your loved ones.
Call the older aunts sitting home alone.
Contact the distant cousin.
Drop a note to a long-time friend.
Whenever they come to mind, reach out.
We never know when it might be too late.

[In the spirit of providing daily commentary, I’m adding digraphs, those two letters that unite to consistently form a single sound, to my A to Z posts.]

Lighten Our Footprint

Lighten our footprint with reduce, reuse, and recycle. We’ve seen the news about the oceans of plastic, the impact on sea creatures, and that China is no longer accepting recycling from the United States.

Bring bags to stores, take-out containers to restaurants (if you tend not to finish your meals). Cluster errands, carpool to work, use an energy-efficient car. We know all these things; let’s try to do as much as we can. For those of you who are American, we constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy.