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Today I live my life with zest.

Too many times, we put one foot in front of the other to reach the end of the day. Before we know it, days and weeks and years have passed without our awareness.

Instead, I recognize that we have limited time here and have no idea how much time that might be. Hence, I spend my time being fresh and vibrant, with enthusiasm and joy. I choose to accomplish each task and bring my full self to it.

When I am aware of what I’m doing, I live my life with zest.



I say yes to life.

Fear of the unknown can shrink our world.  We stay in the same routine, at the same job, with the same friends, doing the same thing for many years, and then wonder why we stagnate and feel unfulfilled.

Instead, I open my thoughts to include new ideas and patterns that expand my world. I develop a new, happier, and more positive life.

When I open to new opportunities and experiences, I say yes to life.


I exude confidence.

Those who are insecure often present a loud persona or exhibit bravado to cover their insecurity. Bullies often appear to have a large presence but in essence are small inside.

Instead, I allow my public and private selves to integrate and become one.  I am comfortable sharing who I am with those around me.

When I respond from my inner voice, I exude confidence.


Wellness flows into my life.

When asked, “How are you?” the answer is often a list of the woes and afflictions. Saying a genuine “I’m fine” is a rare reply.

Instead, I scan my body from toe to head with appreciation for all organs and tissues that are functioning well. Some areas may require extra attention for full health.

When I expect good health, wellness flows into my life.


I’m using my voice.

Parents may discourage children from speaking their opinions. School and work circumstances often require those with differing ideas to hold their thoughts, or be penalized for voicing them.

Instead, I recognize the importance of sharing important ideas with appropriate people. It takes many minds to solve complex problems and each person contributes something to the whole.

When I listen deeply and speak truthfully, I’m using my voice.


I am at home in the Universe.

We may have strong ties and loyalty to our country, religion, or family group. Some identify so intensely that they establish artificial boundaries that they will defend to the death.

Instead, I recognize the connection we have with each other, regardless of these labels. Because I was born into this world, I know that I belong here.

When I value the being in each of us, I am at home in the Universe.


I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.

In moments of difficulty, some of us lose our ability to remain calm. Our primitive brain kicks in with flight/fight ideas, which often result in kneejerk reactions that exacerbate the bigger picture.

Instead, I tap into my more mature thoughts that believe in my competence and skills. I give myself a chance to remember the many times I’ve successfully resolved a similar situation.

When I take a second or two to breathe before responding, I trust myself to deal with whatever arises.